About Us


We're excited you're here because our passion is providing you with our favorite natural products so you live your best life!

We search all over the world for the latest and greatest items to help you look better, feel finer, live longer, and discover new ways to enhance your health so you have more time for fun, family, and friends!

There's something which makes us pretty special, though, and we think you're going to like it.

See the man in the picture?

That's Alan Shugarman, our very own science guy!


"What's a science guy?"

Great question!

Check out Alan's credentials and you'll see what we mean:

Bachelors of Science in Chemistry & Biology with a minor in Nutrition; Masters of Science in Food and Nutrition Sciences; Registered Dietitian; worked for the FDA; develops and formulates products; has written numerous articles which appeared in places like Flex Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, and Natural Muscle Magazine.

Not only can he correctly pronounce every ingredient in the foods you eat and products you use, but he actually knows what they mean, what they do, and how they impact your body.

He's our secret weapon and now he's yours, too!

Here at Discovery Naturals, our commitment is to bring you accurate science-backed information to everything we share! 

We're happy you're here!

We Care

Discovery Naturals is a cruelty-free company. We do not sell products that have been tested on animals. We are committed to protecting people and the planet. We re-use all packaging materials we receive and keep printed materials and packing to a minimum. We avoid plastics that are not biodegradable, we recycle paper and plastic and contribute to our local community.

Our Service

We work hard to provide our customers with superb customer care! Personalized service by our experts enables you to call, text or email us with your questions.

Our Location

Discovery Naturals fulfillment center is located in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada at 5333 Arville St Suite 103. We chose this location because Las Vegas is a central hub for mailing which helps you receive your order in only days. We also offer free local pick-up for those living in or visiting the Las Vegas area, just order on line and we will contact you when the order has been processed.