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Rescued: How Discovery Naturals Henna King Saved My Skin

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Kevin C. from Boston, Massachusetts began researching a natural hair color alternative due to extensive chemical allergic reactions. He writes:

My scalp and my skin had suffered burning, blistering, itching damage as well as had entered into my bloodstream and adrenal system after chemical hair dye use.

I visited my physician, as I could barely function and was concerned for my health. He told me to stop using chemical hair dyes immediately as it could land me in the hospital and even cause me to go into shock because of the poisonous reaction I was suffering every time I colored my hair.

If you can't pronounce it, or spell it, you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin.

I let my hair grow out to it's natural white color. My scalp and skin conditions improved and returned to normal. I felt great but looked much older than my age because of my premature white hair.

I then found your product Discovery Naturals "Manly Guy" Dark Brown Hair Dye on the Internet after researching many products and reviews.

I was skeptical at first. I applied the first application a bit too thin and only waited for an hour to process. The result was poor coverage and a green hue. After reading the directions and watching a video, especially for white or grey hair, I reapplied the product immediately after the first application. I used a much heavier paste-like consistency than before and waited for 90 minutes.

Wow! It looked fantastic! Great dark brown natural-looking color, soft, silky, full coverage and the most important benefit of all--no reaction! No itching, burning, or any other damaging effects, all while shaving at least 10 years off my appearance.

I would highly recommend this product to any man or woman to not only help improve their appearance but to help them discover a more healthy and happy experience without the damaging effects of chemical hair dyes.

This will now be my ONLY product that I use to color my hair and enjoy the health benefits of using a natural plant-based hair product.

Thank you Discovery Naturals for saving my social life and overall health by creating such a wonderful product.