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Lose Weight Quick With Our 4 Tips!

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Whether it’s wedding season, swimsuit season, or you want to show everyone at your high school reunion what’s what, you know you’d like to drop a few pounds pronto! But where do you start?

You could drink pineapple juice every three hours, eat nothing but celery, or meditate your way to a lower number on the scale, but we’re pretty sure these ideas don’t actually work.

Plus, you’d like to try and be healthy while you lose weight, right?

We have good news for you!

Our science guy, the one and only Mr. Alan Shugarman, has shared 4 ways you can lose weight quickly and they have his stamp of approval for being great for your health!

Let’s take a look:

1. Consumer More Water

Nothing tricky about this one! Upping your water in-take is a great way to help you lose weight in a jiffy.

The reason you should increase how much water you drink is because it helps you feel full! Not to mention a host of other benefits such as fuller looking skin, which *hint* makes you look younger.

How much should you drink? Alan says, “Anywhere up to a gallon of water a day is great!” Try keeping a gallon jug on hand so you can monitor how much you’re drinking!

2. Increase Your Fiber

Consuming higher amounts of fiber-rich foods and/or fiber supplements will help you feel full so you DON’T feel the need to eat as many calories.

There’s bulk-forming fiber and non-bulk-forming fiber. For example, Benefiber is a non-bulking fiber you can mix with water and it disappears. There’s no gelling factor, aka bulk-forming factor. Apple pectin, on the other hand, DOES have some bulk-forming fiber, which is necessary to achieve that “full” feeling so you don’t crave as much food!

Time to increase your fiber!

3. Portion Control

You may not even realize you’re overeating but it’s probably no surprise that most people eat too much in one sitting. Whether you’re eating out or at home, limiting the portion size of your food is a must if you’re trying to lose weight quickly.

At a restaurant? Try eating half of what you’re served and take the rest home for later!

Also focus on switching to smaller meals more frequently and make sure you’re consuming enough so you don’t get to the point of being ravenous, causing you to overeat.

This is the #1 way to lose weight fast!

4. Limit the Hours You Eat

Choose a set time-frame for eating and you’ll notice a difference in your waistline!

Maybe you’ll only eat between 7am and 6pm, or you can limit it even further like 7am to 3 or 4pm. Limiting your food consumption over a specific set of hours, preferably somewhere between 8 and 12 hours, is another way to control your calorie intake.

And hey, you can drink water when you’re in a no-eating zone!

Combine the above steps and you’ll discover a healthy and quick way to drop weight asap. Remember, too, that the foods you eat matter, as well as paying attention to calories in and calories out.

If you eat more calories than you expend, weight loss won’t happen. If you eat the same amount of calories you expend, you guessed it, weight loss won’t happen!

Don’t forget to get your body moving!