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5 Tips for Henna Maiden Beginners from a Beginner

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Henna Maiden Mayli from Los Angeles, California, had heard and read many positive reviews from people who have used henna as an alternative hair dye. She wanted to try a quality product from a company that is reputable and trusted.

Her results?

"I was really amazed by how well the dark brown henna worked over my natural black/brown hair. I wanted to keep the brown tones (plus conceal some sprouting grays), and the dark brown henna worked like magic! Everything blended together so perfectly."

Mayli's Results

Mayli's 5 Tips for Beginners Using Henna Maiden

1. Do a spot test first.

I first did a spot test (for 3 hours) and my grays had turned into a golden copper color. I then decided to leave the henna on for 5 hours, after which, I was left with a beautiful, dark rich brown color all over; my grays went from golden copper to a dark auburn. 

2. Layer it on thick.

Really layer that henna paste thickly over your hair! The paste should be literally touching all areas you want dyed as if you're covering it with clay. Make sure you run the paste through your hair (not just on the surface), especially if you want full coverage.

3. Curb the earthy after-smell.

The henna will leave behind a pretty strong, earthy after-smell (like the smell of hay), so it would be a good idea to add in a few drops of a favorite essential oil to curb that fragrance. I didn't mind it during the application, but since I couldn't shampoo after the first 24 hours, the smell lingered in my hair for awhile.

4. Experiment with how long you leave it in.

Definitely experiment with leaving the henna on longer in your hair, especially if you want a darker color (for the dark reds, browns, and blacks). The instructions say to leave it in for up to 3 hours, but I left mine in longer and came away with a much darker, richer shade.

5. Take care selecting your shampoo.

As for which shampoo to use after dyeing, I would avoid using any shampoos that contain sulfates or other harmful chemicals. The Discovery Naturals brand ( on this website) comes recommended, but I have yet to try them (maybe on my next purchase!